Whenever you look into fitness equipment, especially online, it is easy to become skeptical from all of the hucksters and charlatans around. Americans especially are notorious for buying anything with the words “New and Improved!” appended to the description. This Yowza Captiva review takes a look at one such product: the Yowza Fitness Captiva VME, or “Variable Motion Ellipticals.”

Before you nod off and turn on some Hulu or download a Netflix to catch a re-run of Little House on the Prairie or something equally “more exciting” than yet another elliptical trainer review, there are some unique features of the Captiva that stand out above the milieu of endless and tired crosstrainers. For one thing, the history of the elliptical company itself, Yowza Fitness.

The team at Yowza consists of two individuals in particular that lend the company some serious street cred: Allen Ting and Joe Alter. Allen Ting is the executive VP of the United States company, Yowza Fitness, as well as Greenmaster. (Greenmaster is the name by which Yowza is known in Germany and other markets.)

Most notably, Mr. Ting has been developing various fitness products since the ealy 1990’s. Globally, his endeavors include establishing Reebok’s brand of fitness equipment, as well as Diadora and others. He is no slouch in other words, when it comes to elliptical trainers.

Then there is Joe Alter, who is the CEO as well as the President of the U.S.-based Yowza Fitness company. Joe is notable for having driven the marketing efforts of now competitor Smooth Fitness, one of the most well-known and established e-commerce brands of home fitness.

Enough about the street cred, onto the Yowza Captiva review. One very conspicuous aspect about the company that needs to be highlighted: Joe wants the company to grow in a fashion that is environmentally friendly. (How is that for unique?)

Here are the key benefits and features to the Captiva:

  • Multi-Stage, Electro-Magnet Rear Drive
  • Variable Motion
  • Cardio Core, Counter Rotational Motion

Multi-Stage, Electro-Magnet Rear Drive

Have you heard of a flywheel? It has nothing to do with fishing. Without delving into the mechanics of it, a flywheel is to an elliptical trainer what a key is to your alarm clock. Unless you actually wind up your alarm clock, you do not need the antiquated key. The flywheel had to do with creating an elliptical motion, and provided a counterweight to the front-drive ellipticals, which were low on inertia as a design flaw. The heavy flywheels are no longer needed.

The industry moved to using weighted magnets that were fixed in place. This is now obsolete in many high-end ellipticals, and the Captiva is one of the advanced models to employ a newer, multi-staged, electromagnet designs for a rear-driven, smooth ride. This innovation alone makes this one of the smoothest ellipticals in the industry.

Variable Motion

This patented design allows the user to approach various muscles in the legs during the workout. The foot pedals can adjust to introduce muscle confusion, and allow you the benefit of years of enjoyment. It would be very difficult to out-grow the Captiva VME, and this motion is one of the reasons that Yowza has made a name for themselves.

Cardio Core, Counter Rotational Motion

The cardio core motion, particularly in the Captiva and Sanibel models of Yowza’s line of ellipticals, is another patent that will not be found elsewhere. The handles are a Tee-bar that offers a standing crunch, with the rotational motion addressing the obliques and entire midsection of abdominals. The workout itself is altogether low-impact, so the abs are not exhausted, but are sustainably addressed.

It must be noted that no other elliptical offers this patented technology. From the user reviews, it is easy to gather that this motion is particularly effective, without being exhausting.

There are other benefits, such as a 60-day money-back guarantee, lifetime warranty for the braking system and frame, iPod docking station, cooling fans, programmed workouts, incline settings, stride adjustments from eighteen to thirty-two inches and heart monitoring. The variable motion and cardio core, counter-rotational patents are two of the most notable, as they cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Tie all of this up in an environmentally-safe, durable and stable elliptical …