Using Tabata Fat Burning Workouts: EPOC and Anaerobic Effects

Like so many people out there, I'm sure you're looking for a change? Want to fit back into your old clothes or perhaps buy some new ones that look great? Are you so god damn sick and tired of being overweight and not just want … but NEED a change?

There is actually a way that does not take hours and hours and hours a week and you can really achieve the fitness Utopia of being able to burn fat and build lean muscle at the same time … and that is a Tabata Fat Burning workout ! And they only take around four minutes!

So here's the basic strategy of Tabata workouts!

You're going to do twenty seconds– yes, you read it right, a mere twenty seconds– of really, really, really intense aerobic exercise. No mucking about here, I really do mean intense. Intense enough so that you are definitely huffing and puffing! But the good part … after that 20 seconds you're going to stop and do positively nothing in any way for a whole ten seconds!

Then you're going to repeat the exercise, again at high intensity, for another 20 seconds. Then again you get ten seconds to get back to feeling like a normal, everyday human again. 10 second rest period done and once again you'll be doing that maximum intensity work for twenty more seconds. Then you guessed it … when the timer gets off, you catch your breath– for another ten.

Now you just basically repeat with this rhythm, until you've done a full 8 rounds of twenty-second bursts of fat torching radically intense exercise!

Generating The Anaerobic State

Previously, fitness experts have recommended the "fat burning zone," which, essentially translates to 1 hour of constant cardio, such as, that on a treadmill or exercise bike.

This moderate systematic cardio process had become old news since science has shown that intense work intervals followed by short rest periods is what facilitates what is known as the anaerobic state, and this exact state is what allows for the most fat burning.

Anaerobic essentially means "without oxygen," where you will be heaving for breath, so much so, feeling like you just can't catch your breath. This has now been scientifically verified as the ideal zone for fat burning, boosting endurance and stamina and also strength training for the muscles. In the Anaerobic state the body begins to use carbs for energy instead of fat.

This is called High Intensity Interval Training, commonly known as HIIT and Tabata is among the most well-known and widely used protocols to create this anaerobic state. Kettlebell training can achieve it too, but, a Tabata Fat Burning Workout really takes it up a few notches and features some of the most gut wrenching, breath catching moves with the shortest workout time that produces maximum fat loss, extreme metabolism boost and consequent calorie burning for hours after the workout is over. And that my friends is what you want!

EPOC And Metabolism

The technique of interspersing short recovery periods with maximum effort allows the body to push itself over and above its identified threshold, which initiates a chemical response and neuro-endocrine reaction.

Lifting the metabolic rate is the key to burning body fat! Contrary to what many people focus on, the goal is not so much the calories or fat burned during the workout, but, what is burned continually after the workout.

And the only way to use carbs as energy throughout the workout is with intense intervals that lift the resting metabolic rate. During very intense bursts the heart rate soars and as you struggle and gasp for air you will typically react by taking in more oxygen in the rest periods and this extra oxygen is what will raise the metabolic rate. This process is known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).

How To Choose The Right Moves for Your Tabata Fat Burn Workout

Like all exercise, it will depend upon your personal physical state and what you're comfortable with. The type of exercise you do for a Tabata session needs to be one that you are very used to, and very good at.

Nevertheless, if you're not good at any exercise, don't worry. You can teach yourself anything. What you'll need to do is to do some mock-up Tabata sessions at a more usual level, getting used to the way it works.

Correct technique and form is crucial in all types of body weight exercises. If you start by trying to go fast, or aim for too much intensity outside of your fitness level, you'll lose out in form and the exercise will be of little value. Check that ego at the door!


One good exercise to use with as your Tabata fat burn workout is burpees. Although a tough exercise, burpees will provide you with a fantastic full-body no equipment workout!

1. Begin by standing straight and tall, hands stretched high over your head.

2. Then drop down into a squat, hands down on the floor, and then go into a plank.

3. Go down all the way, like the lower side of a push up; push yourself up, then explode back up to the squatting position and finally back up to standing.

4. Then one quick jump up, and you're ready to begin again.

If you haven't had the pleasure of burpees before, or it's been a number of years since you've done them, start by just doing four or five of them slowly, again focus on keeping good form. Tomorrow do ten, and the day after that, fifteen.

When you feel confident with the rhythm of this exercise and can do it pretty fluently you're ready to incorporate it in an all-fire intense Tabata workout.

There are many other moves that can possibly be done, some of which are simpler, and some are more completed. Even simple jumping jacks and sit ups can work in Tabata when they are executed in fast and continuous reps for the full 20 seconds. The key is to get puffing!

The perfect timing for Tabata Fat Burn Workout …

You'll need a stopwatch or some way of determining intervals. There are heaps of free Tabata apps on your smartphone these days too.

When the counter starts, start doing burpees as if your life depended upon it, if you did any less than the maximum number.

The second twenty seconds are up, stop. Rest ten seconds, and then go at your fastest, most intense speed again for twenty more seconds.

Once you've completed eight twenty second sessions you'll have completed your Tabata Fat Burn workout!

Source by Cameron Abel

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