Wii Personal Trainer – 10 Facts You Should Know Before Buying "My Fitness Coach" For Wii

Any Wii fanatic knows just how popular My Fitness Coach for the Wii is. In fact, even though it’s more of a workout program than a traditional video game, it once ranked as the best selling video game on Amazon.

While its popularity is high, My Fitness Coach may not be for everyone. Here are 10 facts that you should know before buying this Wii personal trainer program:

1. My Fitness Coach does not use the Wii Balance Board. Instead, the program relies on the honor system. Your Wii personal trainer, Maya, will have you go through a quick set of exercises including jumping jacks, push-ups, lunges, and crunches to assess what kind of shape you’re in. You will be asked to enter your name, gender, weight, height, date of birth as well as some measurements  including waist, chest, thigh, bicep and neck circumferences. The benefit of not using the balance board is that you get to incorporate a wide variety of exercises into your workouts that could never be possible with the balance board. Maya will also ask you if you have a heart monitor, stability balls, step benches and/or hand weights. If you have them, Maya will incorporate them into your workouts.

2. My Fitness Coach feels more like an aerobics DVD than a video game. The main difference here is that the program will change your routine depending on your progress and keep your workouts challenging and fresh. How many times have you stopped using workout DVD’s because you grew tired of the same thing over and over? Your Wii personal trainer will check in with you multiple times during your workout to see how you’re doing. The only time you use the controller is to respond to her queries. Maya will then adjust future workouts based on your responses.

3. My Fitness Coach contains six areas of focus. They are: weight loss, cardio, upper body strength, core body strength, lower body strength and flexibility. Based on the info you provide, Maya will suggest the area she feels needs the most focus. However, you have the ability to choose which area you feel needs the most attention.

4. My Fitness Coach contains nearly 500 workouts. In order to provide you with an extremely well rounded and productive workout experience, your Wii personal trainer will be able to choose from nearly 500 workouts to get the job done. You can also be certain that no two workouts will ever be quite the same.

5. Choose from multiple workout locations and styles of music. Another issue with with workout DVD’s other than routines becoming stale is the fact that you’re looking at the same video shot in the same location day after day. Whether it’s shot in an aerobics studio or on a California beach, one gets tired of seeing the same thing over and over. Not so with My Fitness Coach. Are you in the mood for an urban environment or a dojo? How about a desert oasis? Different locations help keep your workout experience fresh and enjoyable. You can also choose from seven different types of music including 80’s, Hip Hop, Latin and Dance.

6. Your Wii personal trainer works around your schedule. No one understands the importance of commitment more than Maya. She will suggest a workout schedule for you based on your goals, but in the end you decide your schedule. After all, many of us lead busy lives and have hectic schedules. You can choose what days of the week to work out on as well as the duration of each workout. For example, on Tuesday you can workout for 15 minutes and then go for a more intense 45 minute session on Thursday.

7. My Fitness Coach has a group exercise mode. You can create up to four profiles on My Fitness Coach, so it makes sense to allow multiple people to work out at the same time. Your Wii personal trainer thankfully allows this. Just be sure to have a massive space available if you plan to work out with two or three other people.

8. You will sweat. The workouts designed by your Wii personal trainer are not to be taken lightly. You will get your heart rate up and sweat during these sessions. Many believe My Fitness Coach provides a much more productive and intense workout than Wii Fit. As mentioned earlier, this is more of a workout program than a video game, and the goal here is to see and feel real results. If you listen to Maya it’s almost certain that you will.

9. You can track and see your progress on screen. After a certain number of workouts, your Wii personal trainer will assess your progress to see how you’re coming along. You will perform the same exercises you performed when you first started the program and then take your measurements again, including your weight. All this information is entered into the program so that Maya can determine how to structure your workouts for the next couple of weeks. You will also be able to see a graphical representation of your progress, which can often be a huge motivational booster.

10. Maya remembers all. Being your Wii personal trainer, Maya will be the first to let you know if you’ve been skipping your workouts. After all, she’s here to get you in shape and keep you motivated. She provides pep talks during workouts, gives you tips on how to correctly perform exercises and provides you with tips on staying in shape between workouts.

Whether you’re in strength training for your upper or lower body, hoping to up your cardio training level or are just burning a few extra calories, by allowing you to choose your own workout calendar, length of program and frequency of use, My Fitness Coach lets you to achieve your goals at a pace that is right for you. At around a one time cost of 30 dollars, a Wii personal trainer may just be the affordable alternative you’re looking for.

Source by Ron Passaro

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